What is a Subluxation?
A Subluxation occurs when either of the top two bones of the neck, known as atlas and axis, have moved out of place. This results in pressure and torsion on the brainstem and nervous system. A Subluxation causes interference in the communication between the brain and the body. When proper communication does not occur symptoms may arise. This may include heat, swelling, pain, tenderness, tingling, burning, and much more. As Chiropractors, we remove nervous system interference, allowing the communication between the brain and body to flow freely. 

How do I know if chiropractic is for me?
At Roots Chiropractic we understand your health and wellbeing should be your number one priority and finding a Chiropractor can be overwhelming. We offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr. Lauren or Dr. Michael so you can discuss if Roots Chiropractic is the place for you.

To contact us click here and mention our complimentary 15 minute consultation. 

Does your office take x-rays? Why?
We do take x-rays, except for children and pregnant moms. Upper Cervical Specific Doctors use x-rays to visualize and determine exactly how the vertebrae have moved. This allows the Doctor to be as specific as possible. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Michael do not want to guess with your care. You may think of the vertebrae as a lock, the x-rays allow the Doctor to know exactly what adjustment, or key, should be used to open the lock. 

Will I be adjusted during my first visit?
Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic care is specific, just like the name implies. Due to the specific nature of the adjustment, Dr. Lauren and Dr. Michael require time to review your exam and x-rays. She will analyze and measure your x-rays down to the millimeter to ensure you are receiving the correct adjustment. You will receive your first adjustment at your second visit. 

How is Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic different?
Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic focuses on the top two bones of the neck, called atlas (C1) and axis (C2). A difference you may notice is the use of objective measures. Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic uses objective measures to know when and when not to adjust. The goal of care is to hold your adjustment so you do not need to come into the office as often to receive an adjustment. After receiving an Upper Cervical Specific adjustment you will relax in a Zero-Gravity chair to rest and allow the adjustment to hold longer. Another difference you may notice is the lack of twisting and rotational forces to the neck. 

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Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors focus on the top two bones of the neck, will you adjust other areas of the body?
Dr. Lauren and Dr. Michael may focus on the top two bones of the neck, but they are also extensively trained in adjusting the full spine and extremities. However, you may find that adjustments to either atlas (C1) or axis (C2) may alleviate symptoms you are experiencing in other areas of the body.

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I am pregnant, can I get adjusted?
Yes! Chiropractic care is great for pregnant mamas. At Roots Chiropractic we have pillows and tables that allow pregnant mamas to be comfortable during adjustments. Dr. Lauren is certified in the Webster Technique. The Webster Technique is a specific analysis and adjustment to help restore nervous system function and pelvic balance. Chiropractic care may help with safer and easier birthing processes. 

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Can my child get adjusted?
Absolutely! Chiropractic care is great for children, including babies. The first major trauma we experience in life is birth. Roots Chiropractic understands the importance of checking children's nervous system and making sure there is no interference so they can live a happy life, full of expression. Both Dr. Lauren and Dr. Michael are active members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has received extensive training with babies and children of all ages. 

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Does Roots Chiropractic accept insurance?
Roots Chiropractic does not accept insurance. Inviting third party payers into your care gives them a say in how we should care for you. We do not believe insurance companies have the education to make decisions about what is best for your care in the office. Staying out-of-network allows us to use our education, clinical experience, and your goals to provide individualized care. We are more than happy to provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Does Roots Chiropractic Accept Medicare?
Roots Chiropractic does not bill Medicare.