Full Spine & Extremities

Vertebral misalignments can occur throughout the spine. This can result in nerve irritation leading to decreased communication throughout the nervous system. When this occurs, symptoms may arise. Pain is usually one of the last symptoms you may notice. 

At Roots Chiropractic we use a combination of full spine techniques including Diversified and Thompson. We adjust the body from a point of ease so there is no added torsion throughout the body. This allows for a more comfortable adjustment. 

Did you know Chiropractors can also adjust extremities? Dr. Lauren is extensively trained in extremity adjusting and is certified in The Mally Method for both the upper and lower extremity. You may be surprised that your wrist, shoulder, or ankle pain may be directly related to your spine. Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic care may resolve some of the symptoms you are experiencing in your extremities. However, situations do occur where correcting misalignments of the extremities may be clinically necessary.